Fish Attracting LED Lights

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  • Fish trap lights on board

    Fish trap lights on board

    Fish attraction light is a kind of lamp, which refers to the lamp on a fishing boat that uses light to attract fish underwater

    In general, it works best when the light hits the water from the shore at an angle of about 45 degrees to the water level. At the same time, we need to choose the appropriate lighting position based on the local water level, tide and other conditions. Summary: Light lure is an efficient fishing technique that uses factors such as the brightness, color, and direction of light to attract fish to swim towards the light source. In practical application, we need to use it flexibly according to the specific situation, so as to achieve a better trapping effect. In the actual fishing process, it is necessary to abide by fishery laws and regulations, and not to blindly damage the ecological environment and biological resources.

  • Underwater fish trap lamp

    Underwater fish trap lamp

    The underwater fish trap light is used to gather fish, and its use method is very simple, and it can be placed directly underwater. The trick for using the fish trap light is that the band of the light is preferably green. Then be as bright as possible, and then it will be effective in the dark.