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  • What is a cob led grow light

    What is a cob led grow light? Cob LED grow lights, also known as "chip on board" LED grow lights, are an innovative lighting solution widely used in indoor gardening. This type of lighting uses cob LED strips or cob LED lights, and has several advantages over traditiona...
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  • Is there a way to cut LED strip lights?

    Is there a way to cut the LED strips? The answer is yes, there is.  LED strip lights are versatile and can be cut to fit any area you want to illuminate. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best LED strip light for your needs, such as the type of ligh...
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  • The difference between COB light source and LED light source

    COB light source can be simply understood as a high power integrated surface light source, according to the structure of the product shape design light source light area and size. COB integrated package is a more mature LED packaging, with the widespread use of LED products in the lighting field,...
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  • LED automotive taillight future development trend inventory

    Since the birth of the car, taillights are an essential part of car driving safety. And in recent years, in addition to safety, the importance of styling is also gaining attention. Before the arrival of the LED era, the use of traditional light bulbs to achieve the function of lights and to maint...
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  • Development trend of COB light source

    Development trend of COB light source

    In the field of LED packaging, COB stands for Chip on Board, an integrated surface light source technology that affixes LED chips directly to the substrate. LED light source using COB technology, the chip directly dissipates heat to the substrate, withstanding high thermal power density; chip den...
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